The City of Salt

The ancient city of salt has over the years become a modern and welcoming holiday resort. The ancient salt mines are also a natural reserve for animals and a key nesting point for sea gulls, ducks and lots of other bird species. Cervia and Milano Marittima offer lots of cultural, historical and sporting events throughout the summer season. 
The Sposalizio del Mare (or Wedding of the sea) and the Festival of Saint Lorenzo are both traditionally important events.
Pineta di Cervia
The route winds through the ancient forest of Cervia and gives visitors the chance to admire the many botanical species that not only reveal the presence of and changes made by man over the centuries but also the existence of the ancient oak forests that once covered the whole of the Po lowland area.
Salina di Cervia
The route runs through the ancient Salt Mines of Cervia, a precious relic of the ancient city. This area is located on the southern most point of the Po Delta Park and is home to a vast collection of animal and plant life. The Bird watching trip into the Salt mines reveals its most interesting naturalistic features.
Ancient Salt works of Cervia
This trip takes visitors to the Camillone Salt Works an ancient site for the collection and refining of salt. This activity was carried out in Cervia through the centuries up until 1959. During the visit guests have a chance to see the tools used, the typical hut, made of reeds and grasses, used by the salt workers and a burichella, the boat used to transport the salt along the network of canals to the warehouse for collection and stocking.